A quick and relaxing stay at Fashion Island Hotel


A beautiful stay at Fashion Island Hotel

At this point in our lives, we’ve pretty much concluded that California is paradise. We have dreamed of moving there ever since our first trip throughout the Golden State way back in 2016. we’ve been prepping for our relocation for about a year now and have been utilizing our family vacations to the west coast to pinpoint exactly where we want to settle down. This time around we focused our travels to the southern parts of the state. The first location we stayed in was just outside of San Diego in a beautiful are called Rancho Santa Fe (Post here). It was an unexpected delight that really opened up the possibility of SoCal as a contender in the hunt for a new home base. After getting to know that are for a few days we headed up to more familiar territory in Orange County. OC has long been a favorite of ours because of its inherent beauty and relatively close proximity to the hub of LA. The only real drawback has been us not knowing where the sweet spot is with proximity to LA and proximity to the beach within a reasonable price range.

A beautiful walk to the Pacific from Newport Beach

A beautiful walk to the Pacific from Newport Beach

We try to go to different towns every time we venture out to California. Partially because we love to find hidden gem beaches, but mainly because we’re on the hunt for a town/area that really speaks to us and can make us feel like we belong. So, to help aid that search we tried to find areas to stay in that had a mix of fun, comfort and offered close proximity to areas that could be our forever home so we could take time to explore.

Enter: Fashion Island Hotel. Admittedly, we weren’t very familiar with the Fashion Island area before this trip. We passed through the area once before on a road trip, but never spent any real time in the area. It turns out this was one of the real highlights of our entire trip. The hotel was both luxurious and crazy convenient which is really best case scenario for road-trippers like us who want to be able to access points of interest while vacationing without having to be on the road for too long.

Fashion Island Hotel really did turn out to be the best case scenario.


We were really blown away with the level of service we got right off the bat, from the concierge service to the room service, everything was carefully considered and really well executed.

We knew that we couldn’t be roaming and traveling the PCH like we used to so we resolved to make this leg of the trip about rest and relaxation.

We spent a good deal of our time here literally doing nothing and sitting by the pool lol.


We had a lot of great opportunities to get some really beautiful shots while we were here. There’s this theme of nature intersecting with luxury thats apparent throughout the entire hotel. Int was really inspiring. Theres’s a pathway that leads down into the pool area that was really one our favorite shot locations of the entire trip. We spent hours there just letting our creativity go wild. If I lived closer I would be there all the time!

We resisted the urge to spend too much of the day out and about exploring. This leg of the trip was meant to be more relaxing and laid back. But, since we were on east coast time, we woke up really early every day. Which is really great for us because we could enjoy the area without having to deal with crowds. There was also the added benefits of our little Ellie being the calmest when she first wakes up and the gorgeous early morning light. All of that made the promise of beautiful pictures too difficult to resit.

So, one morning, when everyone woke up well rested and open to exploring, we went out to a gorgeous little state state beach called Crystal Cove

It was, in a word, beautiful.

Besides the awesome service, great location, and beautiful landscaping, another thing that really stood out for us was the FOOOODDD (I had to add a little extra because it was that good). We were fortunate enough to be gifted a free dinner at their restaurant Oak Grill, a really well ran steakhouse thats located right on site. They have this great open-air concept where the dining are blends seamlessly into the outer pool side area through two grand French doors. It really gives off a nice California vacation vibe when you sitting down for a nice meal.

Eating out at a nice restaurant is always a bit of a gamble with a toddler. When we go out as a family, it’s usually to a more casual place where we don’t feel so out of place if Ellie is having a bad night (a.k.a. screaming at the top of her lungs). But, when we’re traveling, we can’t elect to leave Ellie with her grandmother to enjoy a nice upscale dinner. WE just have to roll the dice and see what happens lol. But, thankfully, this turned out to be the best case scenario. Because the restaurant was just downstairs from our room, we were able to time Ellie’s afternoon nap so that it lined up perfectly with our reservation. And a well rested baby is literally the difference between am enjoyable night out and a catastrophe. So, we had that going for us and our good planning was complimented by attentive, but not overbearing service, a quick turn-around on our meals, a really well made cocktail (daddy only) and a really great location on the deck with lots of lush foliage and sun that helped keep the little one in a good mood throughout the dinner. All in all it was really one of the more enjoyable dining experiences we’ve had as a family in a long time.

All in all this was a short but incredibly fulfilling trip and venture into New Port, California. Fashion Island Hotel was an amazing as we hoped it would be. A beautiful room, great location and great amenities and service. All within 10 minutes of some of the most beautifully picturesque coastal area that California has to offer. What more could you want?

We’ll definitely be coming back again…