California dreaming at the beautiful Kimpton Goodlands


Ive been dying for an opportunity to go back to California. We began planning a road trip through the state once we decided that the west coast was where we wanted the next chapter of our lives to start. This time around we decided we couldn’t do our normal 14+ days on the road type of trip where we were in a new bed practically every night. We knew little Eloise would not do well with that type of hectic pace. So when we were planning what we wanted to do (house hunting) and where we wanted to be, we switched up our routine and looked for a couple of centrally located hotels that we could call home base for a few days at a time.

We narrowed the places we wanted to explore to essentially Santa Barbra and the region of Southern LA County and Orange County. Santa Barbra had been a place that always intrigued us and we really wanted to get a feel for the area and local culture. Because we weren’t very familiar with the area, we decided to be open to living anywhere in the general area. So when deciding on a hotel to stay in we had to narrow down our criteria:
- we needed to be in a place that was comfortable, clean, and relatively spacious
- we needed something that offered easily accessible dining
- we needed something that was close to a major highway to explore the area
- we wanted something that was photogenic to take the hassle out of creating content because we’re always working!

After looking through all the typical contenders, we got intrigued by a trendy little hotel that ticked all the boxes we asked for Kimpton Goodlands in Goleta, CA. I browsed through the site a bit, read the reviews, went through the site a little bit more (just to make sure! anyone else ocd?) and booked the room.

We decided to stay there for 4 days and really get a feel for the area. As soon as we arrived I knew we made the right decision.

The whole layout looked like it was made for instagram (in a good way!). We were greeted by warm smiles, a welcome beer on tap (Spencer was VERY happy) and a nice clean room with enough area to spread out and really make ourselves at home.

After a long and eventful 👶🏽😐😐 flight from D.C. we decided to take it easy the first couple of days and just enjoy each others company around the hotel.

We spent the next couple of days exploring the areas and beaches around Santa Barbra and soaking up all the California sunshine that we could. It’s really amazing how just a few days of sunshine and ocean breeze can take months worth of stress off of your shoulders. We get so caught up in the cosmopolitan life of D.C. that we dont realize how much tension we accumulate on a daily basis and how much that tension effects everything we do. Coming to Santa Barbra and staying at the Kimpton felt like a complete reset in so many ways. Even though we technically only visiting Cali for recon of sorts, it was impossible to not feel like we were on vacation during our stay. Our time there was filled with good weather, awesome food (seriously their restaurant is AMAZING #yum), great service (Spencer couldn’t stop raving about the complimentary check in draft beer), and a spacious relaxing living space.

I can tell you now, this is somewhere we are going to be visiting for years on end. I CAN NOT recommend this place enough! Check out their site HERE and tell them Holly sent you!

Here are a few more great pics from our stay.