A celebration of Health and Wellness at the Four Seasons West Lake Village

untitled-81When we travel we tend to stay at whatever place may be the most convenient. Normally we’re so focused on exploring the area and immersing ourselves in the experiences that we don’t take anytime to actually relax! Most times we need a vacation right after our vacation to decompress. We decided to change that trend this time around. It was time to prioritize health and wellness on our latest trip through California and thats exactly what we did at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village. untitled-24-HDRuntitled-63untitled-51-HDR


I can’t go any further without saying that this was one of the most incredible lodging experiences that we have ever had. The Four Seasons has long been viewed as the epitome of class of luxury and I can tell you without a doubt that their reputation is well earned. We didn’t open a door, pour a drink, or roam a hall without an attentive eye there to assist.


For us, just staying there would have been a special enough experience, but we wanted to get as much of a benefit as we could out of our stay. We figured, why stay in a first class hotel and not enjoy their first class amenities? So we opted to participate in the Wellness Your Way package. It made our stay that much more enjoyable.


Wellness Your Way is an experience that caters to those who wish to maintain their health & wellness lifestyles while traveling. This program helps people use their downtime to treat their bodies to much need regeneration and rejuvenation. The package includes your choice of a wellness service, healthy meal options at all times of the day, fitness classes, use of the hotels immaculate gym area, and custom mediation.


The hotel provides a wide range of wellness services to choose from including nutrition consultations, body composition analysis, posture and movement assessment, or even a personal training session. Even though I work out regularly, its always good to let a professional come in once in a while and tweak my form, offer new advice and training techniques and push me a little harder. My trainer did just that. After discussing my regular fitness routine, he chose to go the opposite route and push me harder into the areas I tend to avoid. Needless to say I broke quite a sweat. The gym was flawless; filled with state-of-the-art machines, a wide range of free weight options, kettlebells, trx, and machines for all fitness levels.


Behind the gym was a private fitness studio which was used for group classes. I chose to take a morning yoga class before breakfast one day and was treated to a challenging and calming flow. One of my favorite aspects of yoga is experiencing various teaching styles.  No matter how comfortable you are in your practice, a new teacher will still find a way to challenge you. Being that most people (including myself) don't travel with their personal accessories, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the studio had everything you could need for the class including a variety of mats, towels, straps, blocks, and bottled water.



After a hard workout the only thing that seemed right was relaxing by the pool. There were two pools on the property that catered to different crowds. The indoor pool was in the spa and for adults only (despite the picture below) for a more relaxed atmosphere, and the pool outside was for families to enjoy. The outdoor pool also had beautiful cabanas available to rent for shade, a lunch menu, and cocktail service. I could have stayed out there all day!




In my opinion, one of the hardest parts of staying fit while traveling is finding healthy meal options. Eating out for every meal adds up, even when you try and find the healthiest options on the menu. Large portions, appetizers, and cocktails hike up the calorie count without you even noticing.

Each menu in the hotel offers healthy eating options, noted by a discreet logo on the side of each dish description. The options fall within a healthy calorie count (around 300-550) and display the number taking all the guess work out of ordering.


I felt so confident knowing I had made great healthy choices elsewhere, that I did have that fancy coffee you all know how I feel about coffee.



At this point in our vacation, we were already a week into hiking and exploring locations around California. Days of posing in Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and San Francisco left me in need of a good nights rest. Even though its not part of the Wellness Your Way package, their bathrooms and beds should be considered a spa unto themselves. I'll admit that I didn't know how famous the bedding was at the Four Seasons before we stayed there. After soaking in the bath I threw on a robe and melted into what has to be the best bed I think Ive ever slept in...




The breakfast we had on the last morning was the perfect ending to a perfect stay.


Tea and smoothies to get the day started.




All in all this was an incredible stay in an incredible hotel. I got the best of both worlds with an immersive health and wellness program and luxurious amenities. Im incredibly grateful for the amazing staff and everything they did to make my stay truly memorable. I can't wait for the opportunity to visit again and cannot recommend this amazing experience enough!