What's inside my travel bag

I am headed to the airport early this morning and I thought I would share with you what's inside my carry on bag. These are some of things I can't live without when traveling. Some are obvious of course, everyone brings gum and their phone. But maybe there's a few things in here you haven't thought of.

First of all, I always start the morning with a protein shake, and a healthy snack. I LOVE these organic valley protein shakes. They are gluten and lactose free, loaded with protein and they are ridiculously delicious. (I am not paid to say that, these are literally my favorite!!) There's nothing worse then being hungry on the plane, except for eating bad airport food and then having an upset stomach on said plane, thats sucks too. Both are bad situations. Filling up with a good snack and some protein will keep you full and comfortable throughout the flight. Just make sure you drink it before you hit security!

I know you can't always avoid eating in the airport. Long days and multiple connections leave you with no choice. I feel like even a salad from an airport restaurant can hurt my stomach, therefor my next must have is TUMS. Never-have-I-ever regretting having tums with me. We are best friends.

Next up is my burts bees chapstick, yes I bring two different kinds. They are very important to me. First there's the classic which I feel like I can't ever leave the house without. Classic burts is the only chapstick I've ever finished, without losing. I mean that says a lot right? It's like a serious accomplishment to finish a whole chapstick down to the bare tube. The second tube is a recent find of mine. It's colored, but it's still the amazing burts you know and love. I always find myself contemplating the comfort of chapstick but wanting the color of lipstick to look pretty too. This colored burts is the BEST compromise, and I wear it every single day. Super moisturizing and comfortable, but with a little color so I look just a little bit alive, even at 6am.

Last, let's be real. Flying, and traveling in general is not easy on your digestive system. Everyone feels it, and it feels awful when your system is just out of whack. Drink fiber!! I love these little to-go packs, they are already portioned out, and they will dissolve in anything. I drink them every day and I can promise you, that they don't taste bad in your drink. I even drink them in plain cold water and there is no flavor whatsoever. Having some fiber in your tummy up to 3 times through the day will definitely help with that travel bloat.

I hope you guys have found something new to use in your travel routine that you maybe haven't thought of before. Is there anything YOU can't live without? Let me know! I am always looking for new travel hacks and how to make the process easier.

Xo, Happy flying!