Easy Tips on How to Grow your Instagram Following 


For those of you who don't know me, I started with just a regular personal Instagram account, posting normal girly stuff. Coffee, pumpkin flavored things, cats, sweaters, etc, etc. One day I decided to start posting yoga pictures here and there, participating in the occasional yoga challenge, and then almost overnight I grew my following to almost 50,000. People ask me ALL the time, "how did you grow your following?!" I certainly don't know what works for everyone, and I can only relate to the yoga/health/fitness aspect of Instagram, but I would love to share with you the things that worked for me.

Post daily. Stay active. Every time you post you gain attention to your account. When you're inactive people get bored and unfollow.

Use hashtags! Use as many as you can think of (30 to be exact, is the limit) that relate to your image. Do your research to figure out which hashtags are most popular in your categories. Make sure to avoid using โ€œbannedโ€ hashtags, because that can block your exposure completely.

Pay attention to which times of day attract the most engagement, and then only post around those times. No one checks their Instagram at 3am, so don't waste a beautiful imagine. Even if your wide awake at the end of an all day long SVU and white wine binge, resist the urge.

Get active in your Instagram community, whatever that is. If you do yoga, participate in yoga challenges. If you're a photographer, go to IG photography meet-ups in your area. If you just had a baby, join of the the lose-the-baby-weight challenges. Find people with similar interests and make yourself known.

Make friends. Search relevant hashtags and just be social. A simple yellow goes a long way. "Like" as many pictures as you can, and comment on everything you resonate with. Just be genuine. It's fun to connect with people that have similar interests, and they'll feel the same way. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Reciprocate the same positive energy and love people give you. If you notice someone new hanging out on your page, show them the same love back.

Tag whatever your using and wearing in your photos. Of course @Nike or @wholefoods may never see your post, but smaller companies will, and they may repost your image to their account. It exposes you to a whole new market, yay!

Document your location. If your at home on the couch, of course, no need, BUT if you're out and about tag where you are! Other people at that location may check who else has been there or what they've done, and you'll reach into a totally new group of people every place you go. For example, I always make sure to tag Washington, D.C. when I'm in the city, or The Lincoln Memorial, or a national park, etc. The larger the place is, the large number of people that will see your post and account.

Well guys, for those of you who are working on expanding your following, I hope you can use some of these tips and hopefully I mentioned something new that you haven't thought of before. Most of all, just stay active, be genuine, and be a nice person. Nice people are the best.๐Ÿ˜