Top Picks of Alo Yoga's Summer 2019 Line

Hi all!

I just wanted to pop in and share some of my favorite pieces from Alo Yoga’s new summer collection! The new line dropped last week and there are so many fresh colors and new styles, it can be SO hard to choose! I’ve narrowed down my favorites, and took some photos to share how they look and some ideas of how to pair them.

Here we go!

  1. Color - Pale Mauve

    Of all of the pinks that Alo yoga has made, this one has got to be my favorite. Sometimes with my light skin I get washed away in light pinks, but this Pale Mauve is the perfect hue and will look great of on skin colors! I’m wearing the High waisted 7/8 airlift leggings and the Knot Tank.

2. Color - Moss

Such a gorgeous shade of green, and I love the way it shines in the glossy fabric, which is what the Airlift leggings and Lush bra are made out of.

3. Style - Diamond Bra

First of all, HELLO lines. I love the straps on the bra and all the angles it creates. Second, SEXY AF. And Third, the fit is flawless. It only comes in two colors, Black and White. But they are both necessary. This is a summer must! I have it paired here with the High Waist Airbrush Legging in Powder Blue.

4. Color - Ultraviolet

I have been waiting for the ultimate shade of light purple for years. There have been lots of gorgeous hues before this, but this, THIS is the one I have been waiting for. Not too light, not to dark, its a soft pastel but somehow also bright and bold. Obsessed. I’m wearing it here in the High Waisted Lounge Leggings and Alosoft Lush Bra.

5. Style - 7/8 High Waist Lounge Leggings

This was one of the styles I honestly wasn’t sure about when I ordered this season. I wasn’t sure how the 7/8 length was going to look with the ribbing on the bottom that the Lounge Leggings has. but it ended up being one of my favorites. The lounge leggings are already super light and breathable, and the slightly shorter length creates the perfect summer legging. I have it paired here with the Sunny Strappy Bra in white.

6. Style - Vision Tank

This tank is a perfectly fitted mesh overlay to comment any outfit.I always want to showoff my bra detail but never want to wear just a bra ( at least when I’m walking around in public places,) so this is the perfect overlay to kind of wear a shirt but also show the details of my outfit. It comes in both black and white. I paired it here with the diamond bra and I love it SO much.

7. Color - Highlighter

Ok so I love bright colors, I really do, but I was realllllly unsure about Highlighter. The name itself already sounds too loud for me. The first time I put it on I laughed out loud and was like “Ok Holly don’t get into too much trouble in this outfit because everyone will see you.” But seriously, after 5 minutes I loved it and decided its ok to be a little extra sometimes. I’m going full highlighter in this outfit, wearing the High Waisted 7/8 Airbrush leggings, and the Lark Crop Top.

8. Style - Arrow Tank

Ok, so technically this style was released last fall, and re-released with new colors this summer. I didn’t utilize it too much in the fall because the cold comes early here in DC and I needed warmer styles. But for summer it’s perfect. It has a super slinky texture and layers perfectly over any outfit. I love how thin the material is for the times when you need a tank, but also need to keep cool. It’s just sheer enough to show off any bra detail and it looks cute as a button knotted up.

9. Color - Lead

The ultimate neutral. Goes with absolutely everything. Available matted in airbrush or in the new Shine Leggings. I got mine in shine, and I love the shimmery look. Plus, the shine leggings fit so good they feel like skin. They’re also a thinner material so they’re easy to keep cool in.

10. Style - High Waist Trainer Legging

I’m not huge on graphics. I don’t really have a reason.. they’re just not my thing. But for some reason I got really excited about these. I felt like they looked extra urban in the new highlighter color and I’ve been doing a lot of city shots lately so I thought it would pair well. Also love the mesh bottom to keep ankles cool in a hot class or just a hot day. It’s amazing how much cooler I can be by just uncovering my ankles. I paired it here with the Afterglow tank, because if I’m going urban I might as well rock the netted top. Bagheera was also stoked about this outfit.

Ok friends, I hope you found some good insight and summer outfit Inspo on here! I can’t wait to see what you choose and how you pair it! Happy shopping!


holly bentley