Transformation Tuesday Inspo


In honor of instagram's ever-so-popular #transformationtuesday, I wanted to share some of my best yoga transformation pics with you. I remember when I first started practicing, how discouraged I got comparing myself to advanced yogis. It seemed like everyone could touch their toes to their head in scorpion except for me.😒 Over time, I obviously noticed subtle changes in my strength and flexibility, but nothing compares to when you look back to when you started and see how far you've actually come. Dedication and practice is all it takes. So if you are a beginner yogi and feel overwhelmed in this insta-world of beautiful (somewhat unrealistic🤔) poses sometimes, I just want to remind you that we ALL started somewhere. So here are some of my favorites, all in a time frame of exactly two years.

This one may not look like much but my leg flexibility is comically non existent. I'm not even sure I have working hamstrings sometimes. So to get my leg that high in bird of paradise is pretty awesome for me, if I do say so myselffffff.


Can we talk about this one though? I literally worked day and night trying to figure out how to flip my grip in dancer. Oh man I thought I was so bad ass when I could finally do it, even if it was awful.

I hope you enjoyed some of my earlier pictures (cough, clearly falling out of a handstand but totally acting like I'm nailing it, cough), that you can't find buried in my 1700 Instagram posts, and can relate to some of them. We were all beginners at one point. #practiceandalliscoming