How I Handled Baby Eczema

Hi mamas,

I wanted to stop in today to talk about baby eczema and talk a little bit about how we got ours under control!

First off, I have terrible eczema myself. I even have prescription lotion, if that isn’t the nerdiest thing you’ve ever heard before. I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that eczema is genetic and runs in families. That means that because I had it, Eloise was likely to have it too. We managed to avoid it for the first few months but when the cold and extremely dry DC winter rolled around we began to see a lot of changes in her skin.

At first it was just small patches of extra dry skin, but then the patches grew bigger and bigger, and some of her skin even started peeling. Because I have experience with eczema myself I was able to read the signs and act right away which prevented it from getting any worse and moving into the itching and blistering stage.

I tried a few different lotions and creams specifically marketed towards extra dry and eczema prone skin and didn’t really see a change. I won’t go on to disclose which brands did NOT work, but I am happy to share with you what DID work.

Before I get into products, I want to share two other tricks. The first is to use a humidifier in the room. Everyone knows that humidifiers are great when babies are sick, but why not use one all the time? A little moisture in the air goes a long way, especially for dry skin.

The second is to use… bare with me here… breastmilk! I remember my lactation consultant from the first days after Ellie was born telling me to NEVER waste a drop. She said “If you leak a little, rub it into your skin, and if you spill some on the counter and can’t give it to baby, rub it on your hands.” She said it was excellent for skin because it was loaded with vitamins and protein. Well that thought ran through my head one night while I was nursing and looking at her dry red cheeks and decide to try it. After she was finished I expressed some into a small cup and then rubbed it on her cheeks. After a few days of doing that, I really saw a difference. I continued to use it on her cheeks, and then other extra dry parts of her body too, like her elbows and behind the knee. Breastmilk for the win. I also remember hearing a lot about mamas who mixed breastmilk in baby bath for a moisturizing milk bath, which in hindsight sounds like a spectacular idea, but I never had an extra 8oz laying around to dump into the tub. If you do however have extra reserves, that would be something to try!

So anyway, back to products.. =)

Being an influencer on Instagram I have been lucky enough to connect with a lot of brands over the years. Some of which continues to follow my page and stories. When Mustela saw on my stories that I was having problems with Ellie’s skin they reached out and offered to send me a few products to try.

**Please note the this is NOT a sponsored post, they merely sent me some products to try and because they did in fact work for me, I feel it’s my duty to share with other mamas who may be struggling with the same thing.

The products they sent me were:

Stelatopia Cleansing Cream for extremely dry skin

Nourishing Lotion with Cold Cream for dry skin

Stelatopia Emollient Face Cream for extremely dry skin

Now lets talk soap for a second. A LOT of dry skin originates with soap. Soap is extremely drying to skin in the first place so ALWAYS use a high quality soap, whichever brand it is. On top of that, make sure you’re getting all of the soap off, because any residue left over will continue to dry out the skin for however long it sits on there. I really feel that using a soap that was already formulated for dry skin really helped.

Next, make sure your moisturize right out of the tub, while their skin is still dewey. Of course, it’s great to continue moisturizing during the day, but those first few minutes out of the hot water are extra important. The Mustela Nourishing Lotion with Cold Cream is light but works magic. It’s not a heavy cream so it rubs in really easily, resulting in a less fussy baby because I can get in and get it done in a second. I also feel like the heavier creams made her hot and sweaty overnight, making her wake up more.. and I do NOT need that in my life. Anyone with me?

The last product I tested was a real life saver, and that was the Stelatopia Face Cream. Eloise’s cheeks were becoming so red and rashy that it hurt me to see. I knew I needed to moisturize it, but felt strange about putting the regular body cream on her face. I mean, do you use the same cream on your face that you do on your legs? I don’t. The skin on your face has so many different needs then other parts of your body, and baby’s skin is even more sensitive. So I was thrilled to see that Mustela had a cream just for her sweet cheeks.

After trying at least 5 other brands and products I was so relieved to find something that actually worked. It’s SO HARD to see them suffer and be uncomfortable in any way. I started using all three of these products at the same time combined with the humidifier, and within about a week her skin was back to normal.

One. happy. Mama.

As always, if you have any questions or just want to chat, always feel free to reach out and share your stories and experiences with me.


holly bentley