Alo Yoga Essentials for the Breastfeeding Yogi


Ok so this post might seem a little silly to the large percentage of you who this doesn’t currently apply to, but I actually get asked a LOT about this. I LIVE in my activewear day in and day out, so finding something that’s comfortable AND boob accessible is everything! Trying to pull it out of an extremely tight and high neck bra is just not worth the struggle, especially when baby is hungry and impatient!

So for those of you who are pregnant or breastfeeding, here’s a list of my favorite boob friendly pieces to include in your postpartum wardrobe! 


My number one recommendation for a bra. I lived in this one. It was just supportive enough and extremely accessible.

This bra just came out with the spring 2019 line. I laughed out loud as I pulled my boob out from the center slit and said to my husband “oh man this one was just MADE for mamas!”

The lounge bra was the first bra to be made to of the new Alosoft material. In my opinion its the most comfortable bra they have. And Comfort. Is. Everything.

The Alosoft Lush is also made out of the same Alosoft material, but has more support then the lounge bra. I had days where I needed to feel loose, and I had days where I needed support. This was (is) definitely for my support days. It has removable cups and wide and comfortable waistband. While its not as easy to get to the boob as the dyane bra is, the straps are flexible enough to pull down over the shoulder for access.

Repeat after me… Slits. Are. Your. Best. Friend. I was in love with this super high cut side slit trend. I had this shirt in multiple colors and wore them out. It was light , cute (priorities), and extremely easy to lift up for access. BONUS POINTS because it was baggy enough to even use as a cover (if that makes you more comfortable in public) AND light and breathable enough so that baby actually tolerated said cover.

This tee is a little bit more of a t-shit material and not as silky as the arrow tee. But it has the same epic side slits, so same epic story.

I’ll be honest and say there was no way I was gonna wear this little crop in the first few postpartum months. But the belly does fade away and once your back to your pre-pregnancy body theres a good chance you’ll still be breastfeeding so when you’re ready for it, this open front wrap is the best case scenario.

This tank is another win win with a wrap front.


SLITS. ON SLITS. ON SLITS. Its a cape people. An incredible breastfeeding cape. I don’t even know where to start with this one. Theres two massive slits on the sides, all the way up to the armpit. Theres a zipper for front access. Its huge so you can drape over baby for privacy. AND it’s cozy. I mean, I’d say you can’t have it all, but really, you can.

Whether you’re expecting (congratulations,) just had a baby (congratulations,) or have a friend who is (tell them I said congratulations,) I hope you found something useful on here. Happy nursing friends!


holly bentley